In today's scenario, there are certain time constraints, everyone is busy building their life. These limitations have  lead to an increase in the consumption of preserved food because it is cheaper and easily available in the market. The increased obesity rates have lead to a rise in preserved foods like canned vegetables, fruits, Haldiram's dal, rice, and many more. All these food items are ready to make easily available at an affordable price.

Canned, frozen, freeze-dried, and otherwise preserved foods often have a much different nutritional state compared to their fresh counterparts. Canned foods are gone through various processes which cause their nutritional value to reduce. Preservatives like salts, vinegar, and synthetic chemicals are added to make the food appear fresh and appealing. The further process of freezing the food damages the natural nutritional contents. A study depicts that frozen foods have half of the nutrients found in fresh food.

But who can argue the point that canned foods are most convenient? Our body is constantly losing cells which are then replaced by the nutrition from the food we have. There is a fact that our skin completely replaces itself every 47 days. It means that the nutrition we are having will be the core of our skin. Keeping this in mind people should buy fresh foods to make a whole-nutritious-food at home. But people do not have that much time to go for full-fledged shopping, they want a convenient life. It is like riding a bike without wearing a helmet knowing that if an accident happens it could save your life. But wearing a helmet is uncomfortable. It would hardly take few extra minutes to do the shopping and make food at home.


People who are living away from their homes certainly have no time to buy and cook food for themselves. But there are certain ways in which a good diet can be maintained even when you do not have anyone to cook for you or you do not know how to cook.

In this busy environment where there is no time for being healthy many home delivery services are available. Not talking about Zomato or Swiggy, but grocery stores like Good basket or Amazon Pantry are available online. They have all the food items like fresh vegetables and fruits available. There are various Tiffen services run by women looking for jobs from home.

There are various utensils like a pressure cooker in which normal homemade food can be prepared in just 15 minutes. (rice, dal, etc)

Learn about different diets which contain food items that are easily prepared like salads, shakes, etc.

Eat lots of fruits, which is an easier and healthy way of being full.

It is just a matter of trial. If one actually wants to change his/her lifestyle and detox all the chemicals from their body it is not too late for them. Now is the right time to say no to the preserved items and go for healthy and fresh food.