Bermuda triangle:

 six conspiracy theories The mystery of the Bermuda triangle, a part of the ocean that is responsible for the demise of countless plains and ships, has puzzled scientists for years. The triangle is an area of the North Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda to the North, Puerto Rico to the South, and Florida to the West. An average of four plains and twenty ships are said to vanish from Bermuda Triangle every year, leaving no trace behind. Here are six theories behind the science of the Bermuda triangle:

• Rogue waves

There is no doubt that the area of the Bermuda Triangle is prone to rogue waves. Rogue waves are steep and tall like walls of water. Scientists simulated rogue waves in a wave tank and found that, indeed, ships can sink quickly if hit by them. The bigger the ship, the bigger the difficulty staying afloat, people have found. 

• Magnetic forces causing compass malfunction

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places on the earth where the compass points to true north rather than magnetic North. Some theories have suggested that the agonic line, the point where the magnetic and true north are perfectly aligned, passes through Bermuda Triangle, resulting in a magnetic phenomenon that could explain cases where pilots and ships captains claimed their compasses ceased to work properly, causing them to veer off-course. But the problem with this theory is that the agonic line shifts every year. While it did pass-through 

Bermuda triangle at one point now passes through another ocean. 

• Methane bubbles

A series of huge craters discovered on the seabed around the coast of Norway in 2016 may also give scientists vital information in solving the mystery. The craters measure up to half a mile wide, 150 feet deep, and are believed to have been formed by bubbles of largely methane gas leaking from deposits of oil and gas buried deep in the seafloor. Once these gases reach the critical masses, they can cause massive eruptions. 

• Atlantis

One of the most outstanding conspiracy theories centers around the Bermuda Triangle is the location of the mythical lost city of Atlantis. One blog poster explained “when Atlantis was destroyed, it sank to the very bottom of the ocean. While the ruined temples now play host to the multitudinous underwater creatures, the great Atlantean fire-crystals that once provided so much of the tremendous power and energy that was found in Atlantis still exist. 

• Aliens

The sun explains that some writer has blamed UFOs for the disappearance and that they believe that aliens use the triangle as a portal to travel to and from our planet. 

• No mystery

Last year Australian scientist Karl kruszelnicki claimed that the high number of disappearances cannot be explained by Atlantis or by Aliens or even by any other theory. Instead, he suggests that the mystery is nothing more than a perfect mix of human error, bad weather, and a high concentration of ships in the area.