The way in which technology is upgrading day by day, watching is preferred over reading. Take the example of social media only, most of us watch reels rather than reading the content available.
A video resume is an amazing technological way to express your personality, skills and knowledge to an employer when you are looking for a job.
A video resume is not only favourable to you, but also to the company that is looking to fill it's position.
The video should be short and crisp. If is too long then the employer might lose interest.



  • Always begin by introducing yourself, Who you are and where are you from. If you are making a selective video for a company, you can start by addressing the company you are applying to.

example- Greetings to all, I am name from place  OR Hello company name, I am name from place

  • The next thing to mention is your profession you are in or you want to be in.
example- I am a trainee Pilot aspiring to fly big jets someday.

  • Time limit generally should not exceed 15 to 30 seconds. (try to keep between it)


  • After introducing yourself, you want to talk about your qualifications, the courses or the internships you have completed.
example- I hold a degree or I am currently pursuing education.

  • After telling your educational qualification, mention your experiences that you have gained in any internship or job in the past, and the skill you have acquired from it.
example- I have completed an internship in Digital marketing 

  • After telling your experience and the skill you have gained from it, try to give an example to support your skill.
example- I am aware of basics of digital marketing and have designed a website for my colleague.

  • You can also mention your special achievements and awards that could add value to your profile.
  • Time- 60-90 seconds. (try to keep within)


  • In the end you need give them a reason to call you for an interview.
example- There is much more to me than I could fit in this video. I hope you will provide me a chance to express it over an interview.
  • Time 15-30 seconds.



  • Use proper lighting.
  • Try to keep a uniform background.
  • Wear Formal clothes.
  • Do not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Look directly into the camera and do not forget to smile as if you are giving an interview. Think of camera as an interviewer.
  • Try  to cancel the background noise. (can add a soothing track)


  • Speak too quickly.
  • overdress.
  • over makeup.
  • Gesture with your hands (could be distracting)
  • use of 'um' or 'ah' too often.


  • First step should be to pen down the points you want to convey through the video.
  • Then rehearse it in front of the mirror.
  • Try to keep it short.
  • Editing can be done at the end. Like you can add a soothing sound track or a logos of the universities you are mentioning.