Training and Internship for Students

As quoted by Norton Juster, ".. It's not learning that's important. It's learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things that matters. " has always been a truth since ancient times, till today in this competitive world. For today's youth the biggest concern for their futures is gaining experience to get experience. They have doubts as to where to get this experience. Well, learning is one thing and applying the knowledge and the skills into your workforce is a whole another matter. This is the phase where training and internships play a vital role. Training is a process or rather a journey that enhances your current skills, expands your knowledge, gives yoga greater understanding of your capabilities and responsibilities. Training at first seems difficult, continuous and never-ending but eventually it slowly moulds the way you think improving your confidence and thus improving your overall performance. 

Applying all the skills you learn in training in an internship is what provides you a real-time experience and exposure. Internship develops your professionalism, strengthens your personal character and also gives you a opportunity to set your foot into the real world. 
Beneficial internships prove to be a kick-start in career and also allow the students to add new skills to their resumes for better opportunities waiting ahead of them. 
As quoted by Benjamin Franklin, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. ", Internshipsand training involves students completely requiring them to fulfill all the tasks given to them. 
It allows the student to explore himself/herself and maximize their efficiency even under pressure to let them overcome their weaknesses. 
Training and Internships are a effective way for personal growth of the student. It teaches them to reach a positive outlook in tough situations and making them believe in themselves and the decisions they make for their future by guiding them to excellence. 
Internships in your area of study will teach you instrumental, career-developing qualities that is soft skills like business etiquette, strong communication tactics and knowledge of workplace collaboration. It develops character skills like integrity, commitment, self-motivation, ability to maintain confidentiality etc. Training and internships shape your character. 
In the course of your journing in internships, mentors teach values like being humble to your colleagues, seniors and juniors which tend to be with the person even after they grow and be successful, thus being a happy and satisfied individual. 
Compared to students who don't do a single internship, the students who have partaken in a internship atleast once do have a greater edge to be selected for their desired job. Internships are very beneficial as sharpening one's competence is a major benefit of an internship, but building character in the workplace is an equally great advantage. It is a foundation that prepares students for workforce. 
Internships also help you psychologically making you feel good and proud about yourself. They give you a sense pf being an independent individual who is financially stable. 
Thus, we can conclude saying that internships and trainings are a great way to test your skills and seek out for yourself. So being a part of a training or Inetenship is a blessing for an individual as it transforms into a better version of himself.