Tips to improve Photography Skills

 In every year, on 19th august, is originated as the world photography day. For this special day, I would like to write some tips to improve and gain our photography skills. Well, I am going to write it about very simply. Because, this is how I learnt myself for few years. Also, I am still learning more and have much more to learn about it. How are you going to take better photos? Is your DSLR camera at home? no? It's okay, no problem. If you have a smartphone, it's better. I just would like to share some tips which I have experienced for both mobile and DSLR. It will be general tips for aspiring photographers.

Well, photography is a soul satisfaction job or skill. If you have a passion, you can go to any extent. You can start a own studio, you can work with photography teams for wedding photoshoots, in fact nowadays pre-wedding photoshoots are trending more. If you want to work in cine field, you can work as a cinematographer. But to become a cinematograph, firstly, you have enter as an assistant of cinematograph. So that you can learn how they handle camera during shoots and many more. To gain more skills, there are many types styles of photography, such as, aerial photography, architectural photography, candid photography, documentary photography, fashion photography, food photography, landscape photography, Night/long photography, photojournalism, conceptual / fine art photography, portraiture, sports photography, street photography, war photography, and wildlife photography. 


You can take any photo in any styles. Whether it is mobile photography or DSLR.  Nowadays, model portfolio, wedding photoshoots are developing so much. I would like to share some few steps to develop your photography skills.

1) Be Prepared-

If you are using mobile integrated cameras, just check with a camera quality so that it will be fine when you are taking photo while in travelling. For DSLR users just keep check your camera settings and equipments and check your memory card and battery. Plus, take extra memory cards and battery for precautions.

2) Practice... Practice... Practice -

Try to take more photos day by day. For instance, first start with some small, like pets, insects and whatever you have indoors. Then at out door you can take photos from terrace or somewhere else like sunlight, sunsets during golden hour. Just keep practicing like this. So you will gain more confident for yourself.

3) Seek inspiration from others -

You can learn more about photography, and get inspires from others. In simple way, you can go through the social media. There are many photographers are posting their styles and also teach how to handle the camera. I think this is the easy way to learn and get inspired by others.

4) Start your own page-

If you have an account in social media sites, you can start your own page and post your photos which has taken by you. Then you will get more likes and comments. So the photography freaks in social media sites can follows you and suggest some tips for you. You may get opportunity to work with photographers if they see your photos. And you can do more collaborations.

So these are the steps which i have known in my experience and don't think I am a photographer. Photography is just my hobby. There is no required to study a seperate graduation to become a photographer. When passion and interest speaks, everything will go perfectly. Technologies are improving nowadays, so you can learn through online that how to handle DSLR and all. For mobile integrated photography, don't need to learn. You can just handle yourself with mobile. So you can take better photos and gain your talent.

" Photography is a love affair with life"