Madras Day 2021- Top things are famous in Chennai

 Madras, which is currently called as 'Chennai'. A city deserves to celebrate its birthday. The founding day, the city of madras is considered to be august 22 in every year. In earlier days, the city which was called 'Madraspatanam' and soon it changed into as 'Chennai'.  On this day, people used to celebrate this history in the city everywhere and the present wonders. Such as, contests, exhibitions, school or college programmes, food fest, expo, tourisms would be organized in this special day. So as a Chennaite ( Chennai born) I am going to write that what are all the famous things are presented in Chennai and especially, places to visits, and occasions on this day. This Chennai city has specially mentioned quote in the whole state of Tamil Nadu, that is ' Vandharai Vaazhavaikkum Oor' (the town that makes visitors to live).

Pic: Light house at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

On this Occasion of Madras day, 2021, here are the tope famous things we could see in Chennai:

1) Marina beach:

People visits Chennai specially for the purpose to visit the place of marina beach. It is more heaven for the local people of Chennai to beat the summer heat. Along with marina beach, they called the name of the beaches with the available of the statues and the memorials. When you visit the beach for free, while walking on the sand to near the water, you could see around more small shops like chats, ice creams, etc.,. also, you can see those person selling some small toys for kids, some eatable snacks, like sundal and junk foods etc., If you visit beach in the early morning, you can see the beautiful sunrise. And the most of the people doing early morning activities like yoga, jogging, walking and doing exercises, also playing crickets, cycling. In evening, you can see more kite flyings on the sky, horse riding, and more must-have eaten shops like more. You can feel like its enjoyable. You could see the family visitors who is enjoying at beach water by getting wet and the children playing with sand with so much fun.

2) Chepauk Stadium:

Chepauk stadium is referred as MA Chidambaram International Cricket Stadium. If you visits Chennai for entertainment, especially for watching cricket on live, Chepauk stadium is the one. Every cricket matches are used to held here. This is the home ground for the IPL team of Chennai Super Kings. And in ICC cricket world cup many teams are come and play here. You can visit here whenever the matches are held here. Also we can enter in free for watching the test matches.

3) Chennai Central:

Chennai central is one of the busiest railway station. If you are visit chennai by train travel, you are most welcome. In the railway station, you could see more failities, like book shops, small restaurants, or some small eatable shops like something. You could see many railway polices standing and roaming here and there in the station for people protection. When you come out of the railway station You would see  a beautiful architecture names as chennai central and at the top of the building, which is in triangle, you can see the clock. Whenever you are visit here, definitely see there.

So these are all the places you can visit here whenever you come to chennai. Not only these, even there are many places you can visit. Most of the people from other towns, districts, states are coming here for the purpose of education, work officials, like many more. People from other places are living in Chennai. Even if you are one of them, you are wlecome. No chance to beat the city like Chennai!