How art helps to reduce depression?

Being creative makes our art work more interesting and boosts confidence. We all know that art can change our life. But what about helping to save it? Many reports were suggested making and looking at art may reduce depression. If you are creative in paintings, designs, writing, and interior and fashion designing, then how depression comes to you? Art is not only specifies in creative thinking, it is about expressing our talents through, music, dance, drama, acting, cooking, writing and many more. In fact everyone and everywhere art is living. Art plays an important role in our life. Many people has living with their arts. Even they won't even realize themselves. Maybe, their arts are hidden through their routine works. or something else they were doing as using their hobby. It is the way to provide and explore new talents and possibilities.

Who said only artist can have a creative ability? who said only artist can do painting, drawing, and coloring? Are you not artist? that's okay! Arts has turned into a medical therapy. This art therapy for those who are in depression, being anxiety, mental disorder. The theory of art behinds painting, coloring, drawing, sculpting and it helps to express painful and make you feel might be relief. Once you try this therapy, you will forget pains and your depressions by concentrating on this creative treatment.

According to study, as I am researched, art therapy has helped people address a range of mental symptoms. Art therapy can helps to reduce stress. Putting a pencil at paper allows you to give yourself some space. When you are free at home or somewhere else, when the time is workfree for you, you can try any type of art or creative thinking. Practice yourself to prevent work stress for sometime. Here I am going to give some suggestions and examples that what are all the creative arts are presents and you can do easily with stress free. By the way I am not a pure artist, I am just a self-taught and it's my hobby and this is the reason one why I am patience.

If you are in depression person or else want to be stressful, then start some creative. Just take a small or medium paper, take a pencil, make any doodle like cartoon drawings. If it's not come properly, don't skip it. Browse it and see, you may get ideas through internet. Try it whenever you are free and keep practicing it. So that, you can build your confidence. And you will go to any extent and ready for the race to become artist. This is not only for depression persons, also the person feels lonely. Lonely persons who has broken heart with their relationships, person without friends or well-wishers plus who don't get mingle with others also be helpful with this art. If you are like to learn pencil sketching, simple! Go to YouTube, search and learn through it. Then, you could draw pencil sketch of your favourite film stars, heroes and you can customize your artwork through social media, if you start your own page account on social media. So you can earn it for yourself.

If you are interest in designing, you can do digital illustration through software otherwise, you can learn to put mehandi art work for your hand. Or else, You can gain and enhance your skill through fashion design. Just practice by yourself with using pen and paper itself. Then you will start searching for your side job or internship.

So if you keep enhancing these skills and like this more, you will be stressful, be happy for yourself like no one can be like, depression would get rid off it. Then whenever you are working or you are in  routine work, you would be waiting for the work free time, after that you would be in relaxation.