Cooking- The most Important life skill

 Many life skills are there. Cooking is one among that. It is might be one of the most important life skill for everyone. Learning to cook is essential life skill for all the purposes. Apart from cooking, cleaning, dish washing, washing clothes also might be added. From the early decades, these works are all should be done by women only. Men were go outside and concentrate their office works, when they come home, they just have something for their stomach which is also should be done by women, if the food is not in taste or more spicy, they just simply waste it. They don't wanted to know that how they have suffered to cook and doing many household works. Till today every house wives are suffering like this. Their Mothers, Wives, Sisters or Daughters or whoever it may be for them, females should only do cook, clean their households, dish washing and all. So from the early days, they fixed like cooking is a gender role. But now, we could see anywhere that men is also cooking only at shops or restaurants, at home, their wives or their women people only cook for them even today.

I don't think cooking is a gender role. Because, I used to see like cooking is one of the most important life skill, so that they can adjust and get rid off their hunger if they know and gain some cooking skills. For instance, if your mom or wife is not at home, maybe if they went for tour or somewhere at distance and they will be return back after 2 days. But you could not control your hunger, also if you have a child, even the child also getting hungry, then what will you do? Would you have been starve? NO! or, Would you go out and buy something at restaurant or hotels? For one time means, okay. Will you spend with readymade meals for both two days? Then what about your health? Won't you get sick or any health issues after that? Nowadays delivery foods and ready foods are not properly maintained. Most of the roadside fast foods and deliveries are not good for our health anymore, they just manage with stale foods which has been boiled into hot and adjusted with might be some toppings. Additionally, we have heard some news, they add insects at topped in food during at deliveries. Is this the way you are going to prevent your hunger? No?, right! So I am going to share that how to start learning to cook in my experience and how you make it as an interest as well as a hobby.

Today, if men cooks he is might be working as a server at restaurants, or a big chef. But if women cooks she is just a homemaker that's it. This is how our Indian society is calculated for cooking in between the gender roles. Also in the same Indian society, most of the women & men are running their own catering services and restaurants to show their cooking skills into the world. Then, after our Indian government announced the lockdown, many people started to learn cooking and get their interest and also they finding their hidden talents through cooking in themselves. In fact, they used to try and upgrading with the new recipes. Nowadays social media is becomes more important for anything, S o they used to upload their recipes to the public also they teaches from basic Indian dishes to foreign recipes.

Well, I am going to share some few steps that how to start learn cooking with my experience. Hope it will be useful for those who doesn't know the basics of cooking itself.

1) Buy a recipe book -

If you want to learn on yourself, have a recipe book and just go through what are all ingredients should add in the respective manner, They are selling in many languages, so that you can understand easily and try something.

2) Practice yourself -

Don't just stop as bought and read it. Practice is important matter to gain the skill. Practice makes perfect. If you keep practicing the recipes so you can try something new recipe and you can share with the public to show your skills. It can boost your confidence level. Also if you practiced, you could cook for yourself whenever you feel hunger, there is no need to go out and buy any ready made meals.

3) Attend cookery classes -

If you are younger, you can attend classes wherever otherwise if you are really interested in cooking and want to make it as you career means, you can pursue a seperate a graduation. Bsc Home science is the graduation for learning cooking and to become a chef in many 5 star hotels. Wanted to gain a hobby means you could do a part time cooking courses.

4) Learn practically from parents / guardians -

You can learn directly from your parents / your guardians at home itself. you can learn from them easily while what are all they making it ready for breakfast, lunch or in dinner. If you want to cook in your own hand maturation, then you also should learn it from others too. Because your parents may teaches you by their own hand maturation, whether it is might be taste and delicious or not.

5) Learn through social media sites -

Nowadays, people during and after the lockdown, presenting their cooking and also moreover baking recipes are presented in the social media through their account. Today, from younger to adults having their smartphone mobiles in each of them. If you have a smartphone, it is enough. you can watch YouTube videos and whatever the recipes you want to know, you can search it & watch. Not only in YouTube, People like chefs or homemakers and others are presenting their recipes in Instagram, Facebook, twitter and all. In fact, in my opinion, this is the easiest way than the 4 steps on before i have given. You can learn it quickly and improve your confidence, then find your new talent which has been hidden inside in you.

So these are the steps that you could follow it. Today, when the technologies are enhanced, even young generations have started to cook for their daily basis. Young generations are totally so quick when it comes to technologies. As I said in earlier, if you have a smartphone, there is no requirement to attend the classes and all. They are developed easily in day-by-day. Hope you are all could cook by learning in the easy ways. This is how i have experienced during the lockdown. Also those who are all freshers to learn, be careful in fire and gas. First you practice with the induction stove if you have it. then move to normal gas stove. Because I wanted to give a safety tip, safety is important right!