Coca Cola is the most valuable soft drink in the world.

It is worth an estimate if 74 Billion dollars, more than Budweiser, Pepsi, Subway, Red Bull combined.

It is estimated that more than 1.8 billion coke drinks are produced in a day. (It's a great deal.)

Which means one in four people is buying something from coca cola.

But have you ever considered that how they market their product? What product differentiation they do with their competition? Coca Cola is not like an electronic item which tells you about its features. Then how are they being able to sell this crap-plastic product (A product that is not required to your body) at this rate?

The advertisement played by them is actually the most genius, irresponsible marketing in the world. (will get to it later)

Marketing Strategy

World appraise the marketing strategy of Cola. And even you will too after reading this section.

Coca cola sells a conceptual positive concept like happiness, family, friends, love, sharing.

Traditionally video prints and picture advertising is the focal point of coca cola but now they target the social media by hashtags, cola TV, and by cola emoji.

There is an example of campaigns they run on sharing CAN, where they design their CAN which can form into two mini cans in a twist. This campaign provides coke a video of purest form of happiness.

And then cola did an astonishing thing which is certainly a bench mark in the marketing world.

In 2011 they started a campaign called SHARE A COKE which was targeting the adults of Australia. They printed 150 most popular names on the bottles allowing them to reach 42% of the population of Australia (Trust me, it’s a huge number), and the result of this campaign was an immediate positive reaction with unaffiliated celebrities buying the bottle leading to social media conversation and huge media coverage. Within that summer, coke sold more than 250 million named bottles and cans in a nation of just under 23 million people. 

This overwhelming result leads to an expansion of this campaign over the world reaching more than 70 counties and more than 17,000 names were used. Even generic nicknames and titles such as MOM DAD and MATE. These additional titles purposefully made this innovation more about giving a coke to someone else rather keeping it to yourself. The concept broadened their appeal.

They targeted the most important and personal thing one can possess 'NAME'. It can’t get much more personal by seeing your names (our unique own identifier) on a bottle of coke. Coca Cola sold emotions not logics.

But why cola always sell emotions why they never talk about their product quality or specifications or what is inside in that black water?

The Truth about Coca Cola

Have you ever considered what makes a cola so delicious and why everyone is addictive to it?

Cola includes high fructose corn syrup which is actually a cheaper way of making sugar.

According to united nation an adult should not consume more than 25g of sugar. And the serving of one small cola container in a movie theater includes 70g of sugar and if you are having the big one (you are so dead) it includes 140gThus the amount of sugar a person is supposed to take in a week is being consumed in a single serve.

Moreover, excessive sugar not only harm your body but it also harm your brain according to a study. When sugar hits your tongue it gives a signal to your brain’s reward system and having lots of sugar can lead to continuous rewarding to your brain. In this way sugar behaves like a Drug. This is one of the reason why some people are addicted to sugary foods.

But that’s where marketing comes. Everything about coca cola is seduction and brainwashing. They sell emotions and overrides the logic and knowledge of your health.