Bodyweight training also known as calisthenics is a training which allows to build strength by using one's own body weight as resistance. So, instead of using weights, one uses their own body mass to generate resistance against gravity. There are many advantages of doing body weight training which will be included later. 



glute bridges,

russian twists,

push ups and pull ups,

mountain climbers, 

jumping jacks,

planks etc


Weight training is a strength building technique which uses external weights (like dumbbells) to generate resistance. Helps in drastic growth of muscles. 

The basic principle of this type of training is described by the type of equipment used, number of repetitions or sets completed. Different equipment includes dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, pulleys and stacks in the form of weight machine. With the combinations of different sets and equipment one can generate enough resistance on a specific type of muscle to help it grow in size and strength.

Now after knowing about the body weight and weights training, let us move further and discuss about the benefits of these two.


Body weight exercises have many advantages-

1. It can be done anywhere. (you can perform it in your room, in your garden etc)

2. You do not require any special equipment to build lean muscle mass and tone your body. A yoga or fitness mat, resistance bands etc will do all the work.

3. More than one muscle is involved during body weight exercise. For example- when you are performing Glute bridges not only your glutes are at work but also your abs are getting engaged.
What matters is if you are doing it in the right way or not. if you are engaging your glutes properly, you will automatically be engaging your abs.

4. You can perform variations with body weight exercises like-
     a) you can perform push ups with knees on ground. It's an easier way of doing push ups. Or you can do push ups with one hand only which is obviously a difficult task.
     b) you can do russian twists with feet on floor or in the air. To increase resistance you can also hold a dumbbell( or hold a filled water bottle incase you don't have any dumbbell.)

5. Your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength all at once. You get cardio workout from changing positions and elevating your heart rate, while your bodyweight and gravity work together to help you build your muscle.

6. It gives you freedom to workout at your own time without bothering about specific gym hours.

7. Builds both balance and flexibility.

8. Less likely to cause an injury.

You can do body weight exercises at home following free training shcedules like on youtube you can go for Chloe Ting Free workout plans or there are various fitness apps on play store.


1. The seed that you bow takes time to grow. Consider your efforts as the seed and the grown plant as your toned body. To get mastery in advanced bodyweight workout it takes months and years.

2. For those people who are number orientated can get little bit frustrating considering the above point. 

3. It is perfectly possible to maintain your legs fit and healthy using bodyweight exercises but if you are looking for great lower body strength you need to look beyond bodyweight training.

4. Movements are harder if you are a little heavy.


1. The time to effort ratio is fairly low.
2. Heavy weight increases power and strength of your muscle which means daily physical task will get easier  and consistent training can increase the amount of weight you can lift.

3. Lifting weights build our brain and increases cognitive functions. Simply it can improve your ability to think as you age.

4. If done with proper assistance, it can reduce condition of many conditions like back pain, arthritis, chronic pain etc.

5. Increases bone density.


1. Biggest disadvantage is SAFETY. Do not lift weights without someone's supervision.

2.Chances of sprain or strain.
3. muscle cramps

4. Require additional equipments.

Now, we have read about the pros and cons of bodyweight training and weight training.
If you are stuck between bodyweight workout and weight training, consider your goal and workout style. 

If you are looking for less bulky gymnast like lean and flexible body you should go with body weight workouts it invloves compound exercises and requires a lot of movement making it better for loosing weight and defining your muscles.

On the other hand if you are looking for bulky, well built body you should go with weight training. It involves isolated exercise that increase the size of a muscle group. When done regularly it is best for building strength and muscle size.

Both techniques are excellent form of strength training. You can also combine them and do it on alternate days.