It is defined as a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus often a particular sound.


Conversations about the ASMR sensations started in 2007 when users in online forums reached out looking for people with similar experience with 'brain tingling' or 'brain orgasms'. Even after internet being flooded with such discussions it was not finalized until in 2010, Jennifer Allen created the phrase ASMR specifically to sound scientific in hope to make it legit. 
Even with a new name, it wasn't until five years later in 2015 that a scientific study was conducted on this phenomena.
The Youtube channel, massage clips has been releasing videos since 2007 and is considered as an example of ASMR genre.


  • CHEWING- Though chewing ASMR videos were initially made for people with sensation but this became more popularized when foodies from around the world found it to satisfy their cravings by the chewing sounds or the crunch of chips. Now, there has been some crossover between this trigger and the Korean concept of Mukbang (where people upload video of themselves consuming large quantities of food.)

  • WHISPERING & BLOWING- It is that type of ASMR which can produce a feeling of calmness and relaxation in people.(usually done on microphone)

  • SCRATCHING- It is a controversial ASMR trigger that can affect some people in a wrong way. But if you are someone that love scratching metal, plastic or even nails then it's a must hear sound for you.

  • TAPPING- It involves the sounds of nails tapping on a hard surface including wood or glass.

  • TYPING- It is produced by typing on different keyboards to create varying sounds. Acrylic nails can enhance the sensation.

  • EAR BRUSHING- Makeup brushes make the perfect ear brushing ASMR techniques. Whether its a small eyeshadow brush or even a hair brush. The sounds can be super calming to listen tp.

Other types include page turning, humming, buzzing, water drops, ticking clock etc. There are certain 3D&5D audios available on internet that are quite satisfying to ASMR lovers.
For example- Virtual barber shopHide&Seek. These are few videos of 5D and 8D audios which can trigger the ASMR effect. 


One way to check if you experience ASMR is to watch videos available on youtube. People who don't experience ASMR might feel unorthodox while watching the videos.
ASMRtists Tap on hard surfaces, rub on microphone, whisper on microphone, Eat crunchy food intentionally, make chewing sounds, scratching on different surfaces, turning pages, writing, brushing, make up and as mentioned above they create 5D audios to induce this feeling. Such videos include having washed hair at a saloon, check books at library, receiving a tattoo and many more.
To those who experience this sensation these videos are just what they are looking for.

Many research studies has shown that to those who experience ASMR, videos help them-
  • unwind and relax
  • get to sleep
  • experience less anxiety or pain
  • feel comforted and care for
  • feel better when sick or upset.

People who experience ASMR, report feeling relaxed and sleepy after watching and listening to ASMR content. While some journalists and commentators have portrayed it as intimate, they go on to say there is no evidence of any connection between ASMR and sexual arousal.