Alone - A Beautiful life

 Most of the people are being lonely, at the same time they could not accept themselves when they start talking about the lonely life. They feels like unlovable, No one would like to spend with them ( a lonely person),  they used to spend with their smartphone mobiles. They feels like no friends for them. Also, not feeling free to talk or getting mingle with others. But who said lonely people are always being sad and unhappy. Still some of the people are accepts their life and get move on through their career or with their talents. First of all ready to accept the lonely life is not an easy thing. Also, let me tell you one thing, It is difficult to change into the connecting from alone life. Lonely persons cannot change easily. May be they need some or more time to change themselves. By the way, I am not saying that lonely is a bad life, which means its not even a life to live it. Whether it's a good or bad, but one thing I am sure, this life would give you a broken. Broken means not only for those who are in relationships, even for those who is living without together, that is, single life. Because, Honestly, I have experienced in this. I am not even lived into relationships anymore. But I felt like this for many times.

Not only love makes our life beautiful. Even a normal and single life too. If you feel your life is not beautiful, then make it. Because it's your life to live with. No one can change it. No one will come for you and change it. You are the artist of your life, so you should have a paint brush in your hand and make it whatever you want to be. People judged and thinks that those who are all living a lonely life is feeling becomes depression, mental disorder and they would be broken heart, in fact no one will like or love them. Actually it's not true. Not only lonely people had these things, it depends on their way they living life. Nowadays, generally, people with relationships also have these type of symptoms, feeling lonely, depression and all. Whenever they had fight or any arguments in between them this is usually happens in everywhere. When they had get like these symptoms, they would feel like that alone life is so much better. So if you are all thought that lonely life kills with depression, just think twice, before saying like this.

How to get rid off feeling lonely? Many people have this questions in their mind. Also. they browse this question in google then they get ideas or otherwise, they consult their or well known doctor (that is, councilor) and solve their inner probelms. So here I would like to share that how did I take off this bad feeling of lonely. First if you want to try to connect with people, just go and find your friends and get mingle with them. Talk something about interesting, be helpful, be attached and friendly. If you don't want to be with like crowded people, Find some at least 3 friends so that it will be helpful to get attached. If you are not interested in attachment, well, its okay! You yourself maintain and gain more skills with whatever you are going to be in future. Find your interests and passion through in internet or outside. If you are rich or earned for yourself, you can go tour and enjoy it in alone but only if you like it. You can do phone calls at anytime, even its rear means okay. I f you make a call, You can get chance for enjoy with other person for sometimes0. Stay focussed on your work, move on, and get acheivements, so may be there is a chance , your friends would come for you. Learn to take care of yourself, stay healthy by cooking food for yourself,  If you want to be an actor or dancer, you could do it in front of your mobile camera with turned on and upload it into social media sites. So that you will get chance from any big entertainments.

In conclusion, In general, lonely life is not a poor life skill. It is just a situation of the life of a person becomes. The solution of being and stay happily is, acceptance of our life. Acceptance is the most important thing in our life. If you accept yourself then everything becomes a change into a happy mood and people will also like to come into your life and stay with you. And this is not only about for teenagers and adults, also for old people & aged too.