Sitting in an airplane, looking outside the window, despite of colorful logos, slogans, and registration marks, most of the airplanes are white in color.
This is a question thought by many but searched by none!

There are various reasons for them being white-


It is cheaper for airlines to paint airplanes white rather than other colors. Painting for a Boeing 777 could cost up to $200,000. Combined with expensive paint costs, darker colors are usually heavier. The heavier the aircraft the more will be the fuel cost. As per few types of research, white color has been proven to fade at a slower rate than dark colors thus requiring fewer repaint. By selecting a white color, these expenses can be saved. Also, it is easier to sell a white body plane rather than red or orange because the white color is more popular.


A white plane is easier to inspect. Be it a dent, crack, deformation, or any type of defect, it can be detected easily in white planes improving the inspection process.

Few studies have released the data which depicts that bird strikes are less likely to happen on white airplanes because of the increased contrast between the body of the aircraft and the visual background. It enhances the ability of birds to detect aircraft in sufficient time to avoid a collision.


Darker colors absorb sunlight and whenever sunlight is absorbed, it heats the body of the airplane. Whereas white color body reflects the sunlight making it cooler. This is the same reason why we avoid wearing dark color clothes in summer.

So to add together, having a white color airplane is beneficial for airlines, not only in terms of money but also safety. It has a lot of advantages- from being cheap to being safe, cool, and customizable. If the aircraft is bought by some other company then it would be easier for it to customize the plane as only the logo is to be changed but if instead it was painted blue, the airline would have to paint it in white and then add the logo.