Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Christine Dyer

Ben Eielson Jr/Sr. High School
Fairbanks, Alaska

If you could have any person (living, dead or fictional) as a principal, who would it be?I think that Mark Twain would be able to see kids as kids--his discipline would consist of understanding and holding them accountable for their behavior. Through his open-mindedness and high standards, Twain would be able to show kids and convince them that they are more than what they may see themselves to be, which is always a good characteristic for a school's leader.

What stereotype about teachers is true?I know that this is not true for everyone, but, in my experience, I would have to say that teachers have very little "life" outside of their classroom during the school year--and I'm okay with that. I know that it's a choice, but I've heard people say it before, and I have to admit that--for me-- it's definitely true.