One Day For DU

Internships are an important part of a student’s future career. Being an intern is an opportunity to learn and gain experience in the workforce, which helps highlight the difference between knowing and doing. At the same time, it is a chance to make new connections that are essential for advancement in your career. Internships present opportunities to learn, to be mentored and to discover your own potential, allowing you to explore your future career on a personal level; and in the end, they might even open up the door to a full-time job.
With so many different internship opportunities out there, you might be weary of unpaid internships. Don’t let this fear prevent you from the experience of a lifetime – one that could be the stepping stone to your future success.
Every year DU Career Services works with the University of Denver community through the One Day For DU crowdfunding and giving day to raise money that supports DU students participating in unpaid internships. The scholarship fund awards $2,500 to eight students each, and last year One Day For DU crowdfunding from 56 donors raised $3,614 to support the Internship, Career & Professional Success fund. The result was the addition of an additional scholarship to then sophomore, Darby Pappas.
One Day For DU is once again coming up on May 24, 2017. Join us in supporting this amazing crowdfunding project here at the University of Denver and help contribute to the success of our students, the community and our University’s impact in the world!  
Mark your calendar on May 24 for One Day For DU and give to your favorite caus