How to build a great career out of travelling?

ravelling to new places and meeting new people is a dream for many. If you’re one such person, an office job requiring you to slog for hours in a closed cubicle isn’t suitable for you. But then you’d ask traveling is a leisurely activity that requires a lot of time and money.
So how come one can build a successful career in it?
This question is pertinent and the one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Making traveling a profession is a subjective aspect and depends solely on the qualities possessed by the person. You can either build a formal career in travel and tourism or become an entrepreneur and create a business model out your passion for travel.
Here we’ve presented some of the practical ways that will enable you set out on a successful career in traveling.
Become a travel writer
You can travel and write blogs or articles for your website or other peoples’ travel portal. Share your experiences with the world.
However, ensure you carve a special niche or type of writing that doesn’t look like a replication of someone else’s work. Your articles or blogs need to reflect your unique experiences that’ll entice the readers to follow your footsteps in visiting the places you’ve visited.
There’s however, a critical aspect of becoming a travel writer. The money doesn’t come easily, and it’ll be a while before you can monetize your content. Patience and perseverance are the keys to success as a travel writer.
Career as a travel photographer
Capturing the unique moments of your travel and publishing them on your blog is also an exciting career option. Take snaps of the places you visit and the people you meet there.
While working as a travel photographer; ensure you don’t mechanically click the photographs. Instead, capture the distinct identity of the places and cultures of people.
Apart from running a blog, you can sell these photos to travel magazines or websites such as Shutterstock, iStock, etc.
Just like blogging, travel photography as a career might also take some time to take off. So, you need to plan your expenses accordingly and persevere with dedication.
Travel consultant
You can consult people to plan their travel. Help them find places that they’d find interesting based on their likes and preferences.
Collaborate with different travel agents and accordingly help your clients with travel arrangements. Customize their travel plans so that it’ll differentiate you with the travel agents who just offer standard tour plans rather than specifically addressing their clients’ needs.
Travel agent
Become a travel agent and help your customers with their travel and hotel room bookings. If you’ve booked a large group of tourists, accompany them and make the tour more enjoyable for them by sharing your experiences and knowledge.
It’ll also mean you too can enjoy traveling instead of booking tour packages for them from your office.
Tourist guide
The most direct way to build a career from traveling is to become a tourist guide. Travel with tourist groups to the places in and around your city. Share with them the information and historical significance of the places they are visiting.
Form tie-ups with travel agents and consultants. Serve the customers well so that they’d seek your services in future directly rather than through a travel agent. They’d also give your more references of their friends and relatives.
Although you can start making money with the first tour you organize, it’d be less. However, gradually, you can increase the number of tourists and consequently increase your income.
The above career options have the maximum potential for enabling you to build a successful career traveling. They allow you to pursue your passion and at the same time help earn your livelihood.