Graduating Students, Welcome to the Alumni Family!

Commitment, challenge, and boldness are a few words that come to mind when I think of being an alumni. For me, the word alumni carries a prestige and a sense of wonder. I dream of the day I too will become a part of this strong community. Alumni is not just a title that you are given once you graduate—it’s a title that is earned through commitment. It holds value to the person who carries it. It’s earned through long hours of studying, sacrificing time and energy, but also committing yourself to success. Sometimes we wrangle with thoughts of, “Is it really worth it?”  or “What will I gain?” All this, not only for a commitment to earn a degree, but for a commitment to the future. The challenges that you go through on the voyage through college, the losses, the gains, discouragements, and acceptance, build on the foundation that is DU. You’ve been journeying together as one. You’ve been guided by the alumni who walked this path before and you now lead the students who’ve just arrived. You are building our community, and showing the world that we are bold, fierce, committed and that we don’t back down from a challenge. As this leg of the journey nears an end, you’ve solidified a new identity. You know what you stand for, and who you represent. You are Pioneers. As a community, alumni mentor DU’s future by leading in a way that motivates DU students to strive higher and be better. It is a major responsibility that the alumni community has taken upon themselves. They share wisdom and inspire the DU community, motivating students to succeed, because the success of one is the success of all; we are One DU. That is why we graduating students are invited to join attend the Alumni Weekend Gold Dinner. Come, celebrate your achievements and the achievements of all graduating students, and be welcomed into the DU alumni family. This is a magnificent opportunity for alumni and graduating students to connect and share the experiences that make us Pioneers.
Let’s honor these accomplished, determined and hardworking individuals by supporting them in this important moment in their life. Let’s dedicate this day to the achievements of our students! Visit to register or read more information about Gold Dinner, happening on May, 19 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. We look forward to celebrating with you!