Short Autobiography of 'A Rupee' (171 Words)

I am now an old coin. I have been in circulation many, many years. I have become dulled and worn and the lettering on my back almost rubbed out.

But I can still remember my early youth. At that time, I was in Government Treasury. I was shining silver that time. I was very proud of my smart appearance.

My active life began when I was paid over the counter of a bank.The shopkeepers looked pleased when they had me in their hands.

I soon found we were a mixed company. But, I soon found a number of rupees of other metals of my own rank, but none so new and bright as I was.

Some of them were jealous of my smart appearance, but at last I got good society and most of my time I have been in the pockets and purses of the rich.

I have no time to tell the hundredth part of my adventures. I have lived an active life, and never rested long anywhere. I am glad of this.