Short Autobiography of 'A Horse' (250 Words)

Now I am getting old and stiff in the joints. I like to mediate while grazing in the pasture. I think that was the happiest part of my life. At that time I had no work to do and could run about after my mother without any restraint. Most of my time was spent in the fields.

But that could not last for ever. When I was old enough, the trainer came and fastened a long rope to my head and then began driving me round and round in circles with his long whip. I was so tired that I could scarcely stand.

Then I was bought by a young officer as a polo pony, and I soon got to love the game. He was a kind master and a good rider. But he get into debt and had to sell me.

I was bought by a gentleman and a lady who kept a buggy. They trained me to run in shafts. I hated this work. My owner got disgusted at last and sold me to a gentleman who was fond of hunting.

I was delighted to get back to saddle-work. But an accident put a stop to that jolly life. I was in hospital for four weeks. Then I was sold to a gentleman who wanted a quiet riding-horse. He was a kind master. He used me well. 
Now I am old. My master gives me very little work. I spend most of my time grazing in the pasture, and leading a quiet, contended life.