Dr. Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich

Dr. Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich

Home address
Chilanzar district. 18. House 14.Flat 81, 100053,Tashkent

Phone:  Uzbekistan + (99890) 9978581,

cell: +998944040000.

List of Scientific publications
1)            Fayziev Sh. F. Inquest in criminal procedure. Scientifically-practical allowance. Under editing of doctor of law B.H. Pulatov.-Т.: Printing house of TSIL 2006. 327-pages.
2)            Fayziev Sh. F. Participants of criminal procedure (III CHAPTER).
Collective’s authors. Criminal procedure. Textbook/ under editing of doctor of law    Z.F. Inagamjanova. –Т.: Printing house of TSIL, 2006. 357-pages.
3)            Fayziev Sh. F. and Kushaev N.M. Investigstion actions conducted in criminal procedure. Textbook / under editing of doctor of law Z.F. Inagamjanova. –Т.: Printing house of TSIL, 2006. 200 pages.
4)            Fayziev Sh. F. and Kalinovsky K.B. Criminal procedure of foregn countries. Textbook / under editing of doctor of law M. H. Rustambayev. –Т.: Printing house of TSIL, 2007. 167 pages.
5)            Fayziev Sh. F. and Kalinovsky K.B. Criminal procedure of foregn countries. Textbook / under editing of doctor of law M. H. Rustambayev. –Т.: Printing house of TSIL, 2010.310 pages.
6)            Fayziev Sh. F. Criminal procedural activity of inquiry bodies. –Т: Printing house of TSIL, Monograph. 2010. 200 pages.
7)            Fayziev Sh. F. Inquiry bodies and investigator. –Т: Printing house of TSIL, Monograph. 2011. 210 pages.
8)            Fayziev Sh. F. Criminal procedure. (questions and answers )
a common part–Т: Printing house of TSIL, Monograph. 2012. 210 pages.
9)            Fayziev Sh. F. Criminal procedure. (questions and answers )
a special part –Т: Printing house of TSIL, Monograph. 2012. 210 pages.

List of some Scientific publications
1.    Fayziev Sh. F. Foreign experience in the field of decision of problem of the institute of additional investigation in criminal process. 2006 28 April International Conference in Actual problems of the investigation of crimes in modern condition Orlov legal institute of RUSSIA
2.    Fayziev Sh. F. Main stages of the legislative regulation of inquest proceeding in the republic of Uzbekistan. 2006 International Conference in Republic of Ukraine Kiev city " Evolution criminal proceedings on soviet space: relatively-legal aspect ". 22-23 june/ Official web sait of conference http://iuaj.net/modules.php?name=Pages&go=page&pid=81
3.    Fayziev Sh. F.  Improvement 345 article of Criminal procedure Code of Republic of Uzbekistan (foreign experience) Collection of scientific article of young scientist № 1. Т., 2007. Printing house of TSIL 210-220-pages.
4.    Вопросы совершенствования уголовно - процессуальной функции органов дознании в Республики Узбекистан/ Zbior artykułow naukowych. Konferencji Miedzynarodowej Naukowo-Praktycznej " Państwo i Prawo. Aktualne naukowe problemy. Rozpatrzenie, decyzja,praktyka. " (30.03.2016 - 31.03.2016 ) - Warszawa: Wydawca: Sp. z o.o. ≪Diamond trading tour≫, 2016. - 104 str.26
5.    Shohrud Fayziev Die strafprozessuale Hauptverhandlung zwischen inquisitorischemund adversatorischem Modell. Die Rechte des Angeklagten bei der Beweisaufnahme.2014. -141-144.
6.    Sh. F. Fayziev Comparative analyze of criminal procedural law of Uzbekistan and Japan (In case of inquiry procedure of Uzbekistan). // Materials of the XXI international scientific and practical conference, «Conduct of modern science», -2015. Volume 9. Law.Philosophy. Sheffield. Science and education LTD. 22-25 pages.
7.    Ш.Файзиев Нравственные основы досудебной уголовно-процессуальной деятельности в Республики Узбекистан. Судебная власть и уголовный процесс научно-практический. Журнал. № 4.•2015. 141-145 С.
Огромная благодарность редакционной коллегии, особенно Денису Зотову (жаль что нет его в соц. сетях)!Официальный сайт Журнала www.law.vsu/sudvl 
8.    Sh.Fayziev State Customs Service Bodies: criminal proceedings relating to the inquiry. // Journal. Ҳуқуқ ва бурч №9, 2015. P.50-52.
9.    Sh. Fayziev Construction of concept of new model of inquiry in the Republic of Uzbekistan. International Journal of Advanced Research (2016), Volume 4, Issue 4, 1207-1212.
10.                  [Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich. (2016); COMPARATIVE ANALYZE INSTITUTION OF INQUIRY IN ASIAN COUNTRIES. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 4 (9). 1465-1469] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com


07/2007-08/2007:     Summer School on Criminal Justice for Central Asia – ODIHR/OSCE – Almaty, Kazakhstan
Completed course of lectures and seminars on criminal justice reform in Central Asia: jury trial, judicial supervision, judicial authorization of arrest and other actions, that restricts human freedoms
06/2007-07/2007:    Summer School on Global Security Issues – PIR Center, Center (Political Science in Russia- Moscow)
Completed course on topical global and regional security issues: terrorism, extremism, nuclear non proliferation, migration
11-30/06/2006:         The 27th Annual International Human Rights Training Program – Equitas, International Center for
                                  Human Rights Education – Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Montreal, Canada 
Completed training program on strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to undertake human rights education efforts aimed at building a universal culture of human rights
5-16/12/2005:       Regional Training Course for Central Asia on Equal Status and Human rights of  Women, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic – Raoul Wallenberg institute of Human rights and  Humanitarian Law, Lund, Sweden in Cooperation with OSCE Academy in Bishkek with financial support of SIDA
Completed training course on Woman rights and Equal status  
29-01/10/2005:         5th Annual Summer School on International Public Law and Human Rights, Part 2, Varzob,
Tajikistan – OSCE, BHR
                                    Completed training course on International Law and Human Rights
3-9/09/2005:       16th International Summer School on Human Rights, Warsaw, Poland – Helsinki  Foundation for Human rights with financial support of Open Society Institute – Budapest, Ford Foundation-New York
                                   Completed course of trainings on subjects: “International Law, Humanitarian Law, Human Rights”
19-22/07/2005:         Study Session on Monitoring of Trials, Dushanbe, Tajikistan- OSCE, ODHR, HRC
Completed study session on Monitoring of Human Rights at the court proceedings
23/12/2004:              Training on Migration and Protection of Migrant Rights, Khujand, Tajikistan – IOM
Completed course on migrant’s rights and their protection
7-8/09/2004:        Training on “Legal Aspects of Advocacy at the Community Level Workshop” Khujand, Tajikistan, ICNL, Academy for Education Development
Completed training course on Legal aspects of advocacy
20-21/06/2004:   Training on “Preparation of training materials and development training manuals” Khujand, Tajikistan- NGO “ICA: EHIO”
Completed training course on preparation training materials
17-18/12/2003:       Summer school on Human Rights and International Public Law, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Part 2 –BHR, OSCE, SDC, Germany Embassy, UNHCR, UNTOP
                                     Completed course of training on human rights and international law
05/2003:                   Training “Bankruptcy and legal consequences” Khujand, Tajikistan -USAID, ARD CHECCHI
                                  Completed training course on legal aspects of bankruptcy
12/2003:                   Training “Refugees rights and mechanism of protection” Kayrakkum, Tajikistan–UNHCR
                                  Completed training course on protection refugee’s rights
    20/07-3/08/2003:     Summer School on Human Rights and International Law, Varzob, Tajikistan-BHR, OSCE, SDC,
                                  Germany Embassy, UNHCR, UNTOP
                                Completed course of training on human rights and international law
   15-28/082002:          The Third Civic Education Summer Camp OSCE-2002, Kayrakkum, Tajikistan
                                     Complete course of trainings on subjects: Project writing criteria, Managing NGO,   
                                     Political Parties, Elections, Majlisi Oli, Majlisi Milli, Majlisi Namoyandagon (OSCE)


Persian                                 fluent

Tajik:                                   fluent

English:                                fluent

Russian:                              fluent

Kazakh                                   good

Uzbek:                                  native

Operative systems: MS DOS, MS NC, MS Windows 95-XP,
Supplements:MS Office (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access),
E-mail systems, Outlook Express and Demos Mail and Internet Explorer. Good skills of typing in Russian and English.