Restaurant Business (RS) with ISSN 0097-8043

Restaurant Business (RS)  with ISSN 0097-8043 handle educational and pedagogic manuscripts can be found on our Journal Matrix. These editorial guidelines reflect the Academies' policy with regard to reviewing educational and pedagogic manuscripts for publication and presentation in each of these affiliates. The primary criterion upon which manuscripts are judged is whether the research advances the teaching profession. The specific guidelines which are followed by referees is displayed on the following page. It shows the areas of evaluation to which each manuscript is subjected. Key points include currency, interest, relevancy and usefulness to educators. In order for educational or pedagogic manuscripts to be useful to educators, they must address appropriate literature to support conclusions, teaching methodologies or pedagogies. Consequently, referees pay particular attention to completeness of literature review and appropriateness of conclusions drawn from that review. Pedagogies or teaching methodologies must be well described with sound foundations in order to be useful to educators. Referees will pay particular attention to such issues in judging manuscripts. In every case, educational or pedagogic manuscripts must embody well developed and well documented ideas in order to be useful to educators. Referees will pay close attention to the ideas presented in the manuscript and how well they are presented and supported. As the last question on the referee guidelines suggests, we ask referees to be as specific as possible in indicating what must be done to make a manuscript acceptable for journal publication. This embodies a primary objective of the Academy: to assist authors in the research process. Our Editorial Policy is one which is supportive, rather than critical. We encourage all authors who are not successful in a first attempt to rewrite the manuscript in accordance with the suggestions of the referees. We will be pleased to referee future versions and rewrites of manuscripts and work with authors in achieving their research goals.

Restaurant Business (RS)  with ISSN 0097-8043 is multi-disciplinary journals for management studies, business, economics, ecommerce, finance, trade, banking, insurance, commerce, hospitality, tourism, planning, development studies and allied fields. The journal is open access and available electronically around the world.
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